In creating our Caffè, we wanted to bring a piece of Italy to Naples, Florida. As in Italy, here you will find a small, family-run restaurant where the owners are the chefs. Our menu is not large, but what we offer is undoubtedly of the finest quality available, made with passion and love!

The recipes and ingredients are as they were a 100 years ago, perhaps modernized only in the style of cooking or in the presentation. We, Dominic and Brian, the owners and chefs, passionately dedicate ourselves to seeking out the very best ingredients for our dishes. We hand-select locally grown, organic produce for ripeness and flavor, and shun trans fats and genetically modified foods. We use no preservatives, no pre-made sauces, or artificial flavorings.

Our dedication to using the best ingredients extends beyond the produce, which includes using only organic, all-natural meats and wild catch seafood. The authentic ingredients we use are imported from Italy: Balsamic vinegar from Modena, extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany, and capers packed in salt from Sicily.

We don’t use parmesan cheese; we import Parmigiano Reggiano, which comes only from the Parma region of Italy and is government protected. We also use the highest quality truffle oil that actually has pieces of truffle in the oil, not something produced in a lab. Fragrant Italian meats and luscious cheeses arrive at our door daily. Scrumptious breads and desserts are lovingly baked every morning, their perfume wafting throughout the building.

As the Italian proverb goes, “The eye of the owner makes the bull grow,” and we are here overseeing and preparing every step of the meal you are about to enjoy. The same attention for quality is revealed in the selection of wines we offer, guaranteeing an ample selection divided between classics and unusual yet interesting gems.

All are served in our award-winning, well-appointed dining room; its walls adorned with actual frescos, hand-painted by an Italian artist creating a warm, intimate, romantic setting. Italians eat, drink, and live with passion. It is this passion for great food, great wine in a great setting that makes Caffè dell’Amore the special little gem it is today.

One of our guests once stated

Dining at Caffè dell’Amore is like a trip to Italy, without the passport

Our Italian restaurant in Naples, Florida, is ready to serve you with an authentic fine dining experience. Contact us to find out what’s on the menu.