I. Appetizers

  • $13

    Speck and Parmigiano Insalata

    Thinly sliced Speck (smoked Prosciutto) over organic mixed greens, Finished with imported, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Dressed with Imported olive oil and aged Balsamic vinegar.

  • $15

    Prosciutto Cups

    Thinly sliced Prosciutto di Parma formed into small cups, Filled with creamy Ricotta cheese and spinach, Then baked and served piping hot atop our San Marzano tomato sauce.

  • $10

    Insalata di Casa

    Organic mixed greens, julienne carrots, Compari tomatoes, red onion And an assortment of sliced Italian olives, Dressed with Imported olive oil and aged Balsamic vinegar.

  • $10

    Zuppa Rustic Tuscan Soup

    Sweet Italian sausage balls, Cannellini bean, Lentils, fresh carrots and organic baby spinach Finished with homemade croutons and our house blend of Italian cheeses (Always fresh…Always delicious)

  • $12

    Goat Cheese Insalata

    Organic mixed greens, goat cheese, Dried cherries, roasted walnuts, Finished with a pair of Amarene cherries (wild black cherries imported from Italy), Dressed with Imported olive oil and aged Balsamic vinegar.

  • $14

    Spinach Delizie

    “House Specialty” Fresh organic steamed spinach balls, finished with brown butter, Crowned with freshly grated Pecorino Romano and lemon zest So delicate, they’ll melt in your mouth…Delicious!

  • $15


    Burrata is an Italian cheese made from fresh Mozzarella and cream. The outside shell is solid Mozzarella, while the inside contains fresh Mozzarella and cream, Giving it an unusual, soft, creamy texture. Served on a bed of organic mixed greens, With brown Heirloom tomatoes and roasted walnuts. Finished with a Balsamic reduction and E.V.O.O.

  • $16

    Nova Scotia Mussels & Little Neck Clams

    Steamed in a tomato based white wine broth, finished with three of our homemade, Parmigiano crusted bread sticks, If you are one who enjoys mussel dishes… Treat yourself… Don’t miss these!

II. Sides

  • Bread

    A complimentary basket of warm rolls, with whipped honey butter…will be served upon ordering.
    Imported Olive Oil available by request.

  • $7


    Fresh organic asparagus with shaved Parmigiano Reggiano.

  • $4


    Creamy soft Polenta.

  • $7


    Spinach, mushroom, pine nut couscous.

  • $6


    Roasted spaghetti squash.

  • $5


    Herb roasted potatoes.

  • $5


    Hand rolled organic meatball.

  • $7


    with San Marzano tomato sauce.

III. Pasta

– Pasta Specials –
We feature a homemade pasta dish every evening. Your server will inform you of this evening’s special.

Hot rolls with our whipped honey butter, will be served once your entrée order has been placed.
Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, fish or eggs can significantly increase the risk of food borne illnesses.

Split Entrée Fee $9

  • $28

    White Truffle Sacchettini

    Small sachet shaped pasta filled with three imported Italian cheeses & white truffle, In a light, wild mushroom, red wine sauce, Finished with imported white truffle oil, topped with Parmigiano Reggiano.

  • $28

    Gnocchi alla Roasted Eggplant Rustica Sauce

    Homemade Asiago Chese Gnocchi, served with our Rustica sauce, consisting of roasted eggplant, Fresh Compari tomatoes, imported capers, olive oil, garlic, Ffinished with a dusting of our house blended freshly grated cheeses.

  • $30

    Beef Short Rib Ravioli

    An Italian Classic…The short ribs are slowly braised to perfection, with Chianti wine, organic vegetables, Imported Italian tomatoes, bay leaf and a hint of clove, then blended with Grana Padano and whole milk Ricotta cheese, served in a light, wild mushroom, red wine sauce, Finished with a sprinkling of our house blended grated cheese mix.

  • $26

    Cacio e Pere

    Sacchettini shaped pasta (small pouches) filled with a light Gorgonzola cheese and fresh sautéed pear. For the sauce we take thinly sliced, organic Bosc pear, sauteed in butter, Amaretto, a touch of Spiced Rum and fresh thyme, finished with roasted walnuts and fresh chopped parlsey… A real departure from the rest of the menu, but a very popular choice.

  • $28

    Eggplant Tower Dinner

    Lightly breaded eggplant, layered with Imported Italian cheeses and a layer of creamy Ricotta cheese. The tower is baked…not fried until golden brown, topped with San Marzano (DOP) tomato sauce,
    Served with your choice of spaghetti or Ziti and an organic meatball, Finished with a basil emulsion oil.

  • $28

    Baked Ziti al Forno e Polpetta

    A recipe from the old family cookbook…comfort food at its finest! Ziti cut pasta baked with eight imported Italian cheeses, egg and fresh organic parsley, Covered with San Marzano tomato sauce, finished with our basil emulsion oil, Served with an organic, hand rolled meatball.

  • $30

    Lasagne alla Bolognese

    A HOUSE SPECIALTY…Organic beef, veal, Pork and Prosciutto, layered with our fresh lasagna noodles, Parmigiano Reggiano & Besciamella Sauce. The classic meat lasagna…raised to a whole new level. (This is a MEAT lasagna, with NO marinara sauce nor ricotta)

IV. Meat/Seafood

Split entrée plates
When additional ingredients are required $ 9


  • $40

    Veal Osso Buco alla Milanese

    Organic veal shank, braised in white wine and organic root vegetables and fresh herbs, Served over Saffron Risotto Milanese.

  • $26

    Cornish Hen Brasato al Vino Bianco

    Farm raised Cornish hen braised in white wine, fresh fennel, imported Italian green olives, scallions, garlic, rosemary and thyme, finished with a touch of Sambucca to enhance the fresh fennel.
    Served over roasted spaghetti squash or roasted potatoes.

  • $30

    Torta di Manzo…Mamma’s Beef Torte

    We brown organic free- range beef tips and onion, then slow cook them with fresh herbs and a touch of red wine. The tender tips and savory gravy are served in a small, freshly baked, open pie crust, Resting on a bed of mushroom, baby spinach, pine nut couscous.

  • $26

    Salsiccia con Rosso e Verde Peperoni (Sausage with red & green peppers)

    All natural sweet and hot Italian sausage, with organic red and green bell peppers in a San Marzano Tomato sauce, served over a homemade cut of pasta known as Calamarata…the pasta resembles large calamari rings hence the name, but its a nice dense pasta, that stands up well to the sausage and peppers.

  • $30

    Wild Boar alla Cacciatora

    Boar has a richer, slightly more intense than beef. We slow cook the boar for hours in red wine, organic root vegetables, rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, juniper berries and a touch of red pepper flake. We emulsify the root vegetables, which becomes a savory gray to be served over soft polenta.

  • $30

    Snapper alla Puttanesca

    Wild catch Yellowtail Snapper delicately poached in a full flavored Puttanesca sauce. A red wine tomato sauce with garlic, capers, black olive, anchovies and a touch of red pepper flake Served over a bed of spaghetti finished with a generous sprinkling of our house blend of aged Italian cheeses.

  • $30

    Shrimp alla Siciliana

    Jumbo wild catch, gulf shrimp, sautéed in Marsala wine, with tomatoes, capers, fennel powder, currants and pine nuts, served over roasted spaghetti squash.

  • $34

    Venetian Shrimp and Scallops in Saffron Tomato Sauce

    Gulf caught shrimp and Sea scallops, served in a sauce of tomatoes, white wine, saffron, garlic, shallots and a touch of red pepper flake, served over creamy Parmigiano and leek Risotto.

V. Desserts

  • $12

    Caffe dell’Amore Cannoli a Strati (Stacked Cannoli)

    Double layer freshly baked cannoli flats, layered with sweetened Ricotta and Mascarpone cheese, roasted pistachio nuts, finished with a drizzle of honey.

  • $10

    Poached Pear alla Caffe dell’Amore

    Organic Bosc pear poached in red wine, honey, cinnamon sticks and vanilla bean. The pear is cored and filled with cinnamon Mascarpone cheese, Finished with a pear infused, red wine reduction sauce.

  • $10

    Torta della Nonna

    Creamy Ricotta cheesecake, with a touch of Gran Marnier and orange zest.

  • $10

    Authentic Homemade Tiramisu

    We start by beating the Zabaglione by hand, folding in the mascarpone, layering it with chocolate and Our homemade lady fingers brushed with Illy espresso. After soaking for several days, we scoop it into a glass serving dish for you to enjoy.

  • $12

    Warm Belgian Chocolate Flourless Cake with Gelato

    Your server will inform you of the gelato flavors of the day. Served with drizzles of homemade chocolate and caramel sauces and chopped Hazelnuts.

  • $12

    Pasito di Pantelleria

    Sweet dessert wine, served with homemade Cantucci…Almond Biscotti.

VI. Beverages

– Corkage Fee Policy –
You are welcome to bring in a favorite gem from your personal collection, however a corkage fee of $25 per bottle, will be applied to your guest check


  • $5


    Decaf or Regular (Illy)

  • $4


    Decaf or Regular (Illy)

  • $6

    Double Espresso

    Decaf or Regular (Illy)

  • $3

    Illy Coffee

    Regular / Decaf (1 refill)

  • $5

    Black Tea

    Organic black tea with caffeine assam FTBOP

  • $5

    Red Tea

    Rooibos organic has a natural sweet, red berry taste

  • $5

    Honeybush Organic

    Honeyed floral flavor

  • $5

    Organic Peppermint

    Aromatic & Digestive

  • $3


    Coke / Diet Coke

  • $3

    Sparkling Juices

    Clementine Orange, Green Apple and Blackberry

  • $6


    Stella and Peroni

  • $10 - 15

    Wine (by the glass)

    Selection of Reds, Whites, Rose, Sparkling and Prosecco

  • $TBS

    Wine (by the bottle)

    65 Selections, Exclusively Italian