Escape to Italy For a Romantic Dinner With Fine Dining & Stacked Cannoli at Caffè dell’Amore

Even if you can’t escape to Italy to explore the scenic canals and gondolas of Venice, you can always send your taste buds on a romantic excursion with tasty, and flavorful authentic Italian menu items at Caffè dell’Amore. If you enjoy rich, authentic Italian foods, browse the dinner menu at Caffè dell’Amore and choose from any one of their soups and salads, fresh made pastas, meats and seafood selections, or side dishes.

Whatever you do choose, the best part about enjoying dinner at Caffè dell’Amore is indulging in rich, Italian-style desserts like the Caffè dell’Amore Cannoli a Strati — or stacked cannoli. This dessert is an Italian pastry that originated in Sicily. It was originally prepared during the Carnevale season, and existed as a symbol of fertility. Today, while not as known for fertility, the tube-shaped pastry shell has made its way to the U.S., giving locals a taste of Italy without having to take the trip abroad. It is stacked, and filled with a rich and creamy amalgamation of sweetened ricotta cheese.

At Caffè dell’Amore, this pastry features multi-layered, freshly baked flat cannoli shells, with the same delectable sweetened ricotta cheese, and crushed pistachio nuts. The finished pastry is then drizzled with a bit of honey to add to its sweetness, and served to guests. At this authentic Italian restaurant, a little taste of heaven can also be a little taste of Italy itself! Stop by for a romantic dinner and a few stacked cannoli any night of the week!

(Published in Coquina Sands, Naples)

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